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16 februari 2024
2 min reading time

Tariffs 2024

In response to reports received regarding the late publication of the amended tariffs for 2024 regarding the limited opportunity to reconsider VertiCer's Membership in a timely manner, we are offering our Participants a one-time, no-strings-attached extension of the notice period until 18 March 2024.

If, as a Participant, you wish to terminate your VertiCer account due to the adjusted tariffs before 2024, please notify VertiCer in writing before Monday 18 March 2024. We will then credit you the membership fee due for 2024 without any rights. The condition is that you have not traded in 2024. Please remember to transfer any remaining balance and/or remaining Guarantees of Origin ("GoOs") and Certificates of Origin ("CoOs") to another trader once before cancelling. From the date of termination of your VertiCer account, you will no longer have access to MyVertiCer., This will void the remaining balance and also any remaining GoOs and/or CoOs in your account.

As VertiCer values and strives to communicate in an open and transparent manner, we inform you below about the reason for the 2024 tariff change.

VertiCer handles the issuance, trading and debiting of GoOs and CoOs on behalf of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate (the Minister). The basic principle here is that the services VertiCer provides in this context are cost-effective. There is therefore no profit motive.

Since VertiCer's predecessors (Vertogas and CertiQ) each applied different tariffs, it was decided, after the merger of the two organisations on 1 January 2023, to continue these tariffs for the time being, but to investigate how they could be harmonised in the short term.

A proposal for harmonised tariffs as well as the underlying system for the year 2024 was submitted to the Minister in accordance with the relevant deadline. The latter submitted the proposed tariffs for 2024 to relevant industry organisations for consultation in October 2023. In the absence of responses or objections within the stipulated period, the tariffs for 2024 were adopted by the minister and published in the Government Gazette on 11 December 2023.

Although the prescribed route has always been followed by VertiCer, we realise that the announcement of the amended tariffs for 2024 was perceived as late by some Participants under given circumstances. You may consider that you have had too little time to reconsider your position as a Participant of VertiCer. Therefore, subject to rights, we are giving you until 18 March 2024 to cancel your VertiCer account in writing.

In our hope, we have informed you sufficiently with this newsletter. Should you nevertheless still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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