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For end users

Welcome to VertiCer, the certification desk for renewable energy carriers. 

An end user is a party that wants to receive Guarantees of Origin from a trader for its own use. The end user receives a personal certificate account within VertiCer, on which Guarantees of Origin are received after they have been debited by the trader.

As an end user, you are given a personal environment within VertiCer. Here you can view your data.

What does VertiCer do?

VertiCer is the institution in the Netherlands that issues Guarantees of Origin(GvO) and certificate of origine(CvO) to all sustainable energy carriers. A GvO is the only proof that energy has been generated in a sustainable way. A CvO is the only proof that electricity was generated from fossil sources. Both GvOs and CvOs can be traded. VertiCer is the central point for all matters relating to this certification.

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