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Frequently asked questions

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How much does participation in the GoO and CoO system cost?

Rates can be found here.

How can I change my production plant data?

If your generating plant is already registered and the details have changed, re-register it with VertiCer. Your grid operator will then reassess your application. Choose your role in the menu bar (Private or Producer) to re-register your production installation. 

For electrical production facilities:
If it turns out that data were incorrectly registered immediately after registering the production plant, please contact your grid operator. Please note that if the grid operator has already submitted measurement values for this production plant, the change can only be implemented as of the first day of the following month.

When will I receive an invoice?

You will receive an invoice if you have a trading account with VertiCer, a green gas or hydrogen producer account or are a producer of sustainably generated thermal energy as long as no specific trader has been designated to receive the Guarantees of Origin for this installation. 

We bill annually for a trading account and a green gas or hydrogen producer account. 

We invoice monthly for the GoOs and CoOs transactions and will charge you for the costs known at that time.

How can I view my readings?

You can access your measured values when logging into MyVertiCer. Choose your role in the menu bar with the appropriate energy carrier. You can access MyVertiCer via this page. 

How does the Trading Portal work?

The manual can be found at Downloads.

I would like to register and be able to log in on behalf of a producer or an end user. What do I need?

If you want to act as an intermediary, you will need eHerkenning with at least level EH3 with chain authorisation. For more information or to set up chain authorisation, please contact your eHerkenning broker. 

For chain authorisation, you must at least indicate that you want to be authorised for the My VertiCer login service (this allows you to, among other things, register an installation on behalf of producers or create an end-user account for certificate deductions).

As an intermediary, you cannot use your own Chamber of Commerce number when asked on behalf of which producer you want to log in. This will in fact register the production installation on the Chamber of Commerce number of yourself, as intermediary. Using an eHerkenning chain authorisation, a production facility can be registered on the Chamber of Commerce number of the producer.

The email address entered will be used for all correspondence regarding the installation, such as registration confirmation emails.

You cannot use iDIN as an intermediary. iDIN can only be used by natural persons to provide or log in data and not by companies.

What is the difference between biogas and green gas?

The term green gas is used to indicate that it is biogas brought to natural gas quality. Biogas is gas that is produced sustainably.

How does MyVertiCer work?

The manuals can be found at 'Downloads'.

How do I get eHerkenning EH2+?

All information about eRecognition can be found on the eHerkenning website.

How can I object?

You can object to a decision made by VertiCer (e.g. issuing certificates). You can submit your objection within 6 weeks of the decision to:

VertiCer B.V.
PO Box 99, 9700 AB GRONINGEN
Email address: [email protected]

A notice of objection must be signed by you and contain at least:

  • the name and address of the produce
  • the date
  • a description of the decision
  • the grounds for the objection

When a notice of objection has been filed, you may, in urgent cases, apply for a preliminary injunction and/or suspension of the decision to the Interim Injunction Judge of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal, PO Box 20021, 2500 EA The Hague.

Who can buy certificates?

Electricity and thermal energy certificates can only be bought by traders. For green gas and hydrogen certificates, both a trader and end user can buy certificates. 
So to buy certificates, you need to sign up as a trader or end user.

Renewable generation & batteries

According to Section 1 of the Electricity Act, a battery is not renewable. If the battery is within the system boundary of the renewable generation plant, the power is not renewable. In this situation, VertiCer does not issue MoUs. More information can be found in 'Downloads'. 

How long are Guarantees of Origin and Certificates of Origin valid?

Guarantees of Origin and Certificates of Origin are valid for one year after the production date. Please take into account the end date of the production period (the production period may vary from country to country).

How does RVO know that my installation has been registered?

After you have registered your production plant with VertiCer, the grid operator and/or metering company will assess this registration. After approval, you will receive a confirmation of registration from VertiCer. On the same day, RVO will be informed by VertiCer that your production installation has been registered.


When will I get my grant?

RVO can only start the subsidy payment after your production plant is registered. For all questions about the subsidy, please refer to RVO.

What is the notification status of my generating plant?

You can find the current status of your electricity or thermal energy production plant in the application. 

  1. Waiting for ApprovalThe grid operator has not yet given its approval. You can check the reason with the grid operator.
  2. On hold: The grid operator has put the registration on hold. You can check the reason with the grid operator.
  3. Approved: Good news! VertiCer will finally register the installation within 3 days.
  4. RejectedThe registration has been rejected. You can check the reason with the network operator.
  5. Expired: Your installation's registration has expired. You must re-register your installation.
Why should I use a trader? Can't I sell my GoOs myself?

A registered trading account with VertiCer is required to trade MoUs and COOs. You can decide which trader you choose. This does not have to be your energy supplier. We recommend that you contact a trader in advance to record possible agreements about the COOs.

However, selling your own green gas and hydrogen GoOs can be done by the producer.

What can I do if my readings are incorrect?

We receive your electricity and green gas readings via the grid operator. If, in your opinion, the readings are incorrect, please contact your grid operator about this.

We receive your thermal energy and hydrogen readings via the metering company. If, in your opinion, the measured values are incorrect, please contact your measurement company about this.

My metering device has changed significantly. What should I do?

If any significant changes are made to the measurements or to the production plant, you must notify your measurement manager in good time. If necessary, the measurement protocol should be adjusted accordingly. If the data have changed, such as the capacity, the location address or the connection (e.g. from Small Consumption to Large Consumption or Secondary Allocation Point), then re-register the installation.

What are my reporting requirements?

An overview can be found in ‘Downloads’.  

What is a measurement protocol?

The measurement protocol describes your production plant, what energy flows there are and how these energy flows are measured. 

Content requirements for a measurement protocol are:

  • A description of the owner, location and connections, including the correct EAN codes of both the connection and the unique production plant EAN code;
  • An overview of the various facilities that make up the production plant;
  • The method of measurement, a description of accuracy and, if applicable, the necessary corrections;
  • The details of the authorised metering company, how the metering data is collected, validated and stored.

Your measurement protocol is valid for 5 years from the date of signature by your measurement officer.

If there are any significant changes to the measurements or to the production plant itself within this period, you must notify your measurement company in good time. If necessary, the measurement protocol must be adjusted accordingly and resubmitted to VertiCer.

What does a measurement protocol look like?

A sample measurement protocol can be found under 'Downloads'. 

My measurement protocol is about to expire. What should I do?

The renewal of your measurement protocol has not yet been digitised. You will receive an e-mail from us about 3 months before your registration expires, along with a document. You must sign it yourself as a producer, and have it signed by your metering company. Then send it as a PDF to  [email protected] 

Make sure the measurement protocol form is signed and received by VertiCer before the previous measurement protocol expires. This way, you will continue to receive your Guarantees of Origin.

My measurement protocol has expired. What should I do?

In case of an expired measurement protocol, VertiCer will no longer issue Guarantees of Origin. You must draw up a new measurement protocol, sign it and have it signed by your measurement officer and send it in PDF to [email protected].