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What is the difference between biogas and green gas?

The term green gas is used to indicate that it is biogas brought to natural gas quality. Biogas is gas that is produced sustainably.

What is the difference between green and renewable gas?

VertiCer refers to renewable gas in all official documents. This is because it can be determined objectively. Green has a value judgement in it with regard to sustainability and this always remains subjective. Because sustainability criteria do apply and to align with the terminology commonly used in the market, "green gas" is used in further communication.

Is all the green gas I buy produced in the Netherlands?

For now, all certificates included in the VertiCer system are based on gas produced in the Netherlands. VertiCer is exploring opportunities for partnerships with foreign green gas certifiers to enable cross-border green gas trading.

Is there any other way to get green gas?

If you want to be sure that there is actually the amount of green gas produced that you want to use, you cannot do so without certificates. However, there are also providers that offer green gas through CO2 offsetting. For this, trees are planted somewhere, for example. This goes outside VertiCer's system.

If you want to buy large quantities of green gas, it can be attractive to act as a trader yourself. That way, arrangements can be made directly with producers.