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Frequently asked questions

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How much does participation in the GoO and CoO system cost?

Rates can be found here.

How does MyVertiCer work?

The manuals can be found at 'Downloads'.

How do I get eHerkenning EH2+?

All information about eRecognition can be found on the eHerkenning website.

How can I object?

You can object to a decision made by VertiCer (e.g. issuing certificates). You can submit your objection within 6 weeks of the decision to:

VertiCer B.V.
PO Box 99, 9700 AB GRONINGEN
Email address: [email protected]

A notice of objection must be signed by you and contain at least:

  • the name and address of the produce
  • the date
  • a description of the decision
  • the grounds for the objection

When a notice of objection has been filed, you may, in urgent cases, apply for a preliminary injunction and/or suspension of the decision to the Interim Injunction Judge of the Trade and Industry Appeals Tribunal, PO Box 20021, 2500 EA The Hague.