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For producers of electricity

Welcome to VertiCer, the counter for certification of renewable energy carriers.

Are you a producer of electricity, or planning to become one? Then you can take care of all your business on this page. We will be happy to help you on your way!

Quickly self-regulated

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Producent elektriciteit en thermie
Actions in MyVertiCer
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Producent elektriciteit en thermie
Actions in MyVertiCer
I want to see my data
I want to upload my report
I want to make a change
I want to see my measurement data and/or send in my fuelpercentages
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What does VertiCer do?

VertiCer is the institution in the Netherlands that issues Guarantees of Origin (GoO) and certificate of origin (CoO) for all sustainable energy carriers. A GoO is the only proof that energy has been generated in a sustainable way. A CoO is the only proof that electricity was generated from fossil sources. Both GoOs and CoOs can be traded. VertiCer is the central point for all matters relating to this certification.

Select which topic you want to know more about below, or view the frequently asked questions.

Registration as a producer of electricity

This page tells you what you need to do to receive certificates for the electricity you produce.

To be eligible for the certificates, you must be registered as a producer with VertiCer. Your installation must also be approved by a determination by the grid operator and registered by VertiCer.

Roadmap for producer and production plant registration

How does registering my producer account and production facility work?

  1. You can register yourself as a producer by logging into MyVertiCer and completing the registration form.
  2. You can then register your installation directly and fill in the registration form . If you are already known as a producer, you can register your installation directly after logging in.
  3. You need a few details of your installation for your application: the nominal capacity (in MW), the EAN code of your grid connection, your grid operator and your chosen GoO trader.
  4. Your grid operator will work for you to register your installation with VertiCer. The status of your registration can be seen in MyVertiCer.
  5. Once your installation is approved, your grid operator will start sending in the production data after which VertiCer will issue the GoOs.
  6. Do you have a subsidy decision for your installation? After approval of your installation, we inform RvO. They will start working for you.


What information do I need to register my producer account and production installation?

  1. Your MyVertiCer login credentials are your eHerkenning credentials
  2. The rated capacity of your generating plant in MW. You can convert your power with this tool.
  3. The EAN code of your grid connection. You can find this here. Please note: Do you have several production plants behind one grid connection? Then you also need an EAN code for each installation. You can request this from your grid operator.
  4. The name of your trader. You choose this one yourself. In practice, these is usually electricity suppliers. We recommend that you contact your trader before you register. See the trader overview under "Downloads".

Register account or production installation


Your generating plant has been registered. What now?

The fact that the raw materials used are of sustainable origin must be demonstrated and communicated to VertiCer. For plant with only 1 origin, such as solar PV plants and wind turbines, you as a producer do not have to do anything after registration to process your measured values. For production plants with different types of biomass or multiple fossil fuels, there are different reporting requirements.

Measured values
The metering values are transmitted monthly by the grid operator to VertiCer around the 10th working day of each month, unless your installation has a connection value equal to or less than 3 x 80 A, in which case the grid operator may transmit your metering values annually. Based on these metering values, VertiCer issues the MoUs or COs.

Which reports to submit
See overview in 'Downloads'.

Monthly biomass registrations
If you are a producer of a generation plant with different types of biomass, you must enter your fuel percentages in MyVertiCer on a monthly basis, after the grid operator has sent in the measured values.

Frequently asked questions

What is the notification status of my generating plant?

Have you registered your production plant? You can find the status of your production installation in MyVertiCer below 'Mijn productie installaties'. Under the overview you can find the explanation of the status.

Click here to go to MyVertiCer.

My registration for my production installation is about to expire or has expired. What should I do?

You need to re-register your production plant via MyVertiCer. Choose your role in the menu to go to MyVertiCer and register your production installation.

Where can I see registrations of production installations (Electricity and/or Thermal) that have an end date on or before 1-1-2022?

Due to the transition to our new portal in October 2023, all registrations that had a valid status on 1-1-2022 and/or pending applications, where the registration period also exceeds the date 1-1-2022, have been transferred to the new portal. This is the reason why you may not see all historical data of your registrations in the new portal.

To give you the opportunity to still view the data from before 1-1-2022, you can consult it in our 'old' portal. 

Consult history (Electricity and/or Thermal production installations):

  • Business registrations with eRecognition: click here
  • Private registrations with IDIN: click here.
  • Private registrations with OwnIDP: click here.
The details of my production installation have changed. What should I do?

You can only change your trader in MyVertiCer. If your production installation has changed, you must re-register it via MyVertiCer. Choose your role in the menu to go to MyVertiCer.

We are there for you.

We are happy to help you. View the most frequently asked questions, or contact our service desk if you have not found the answer.

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