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Account holder

Legal entity with a certificate account with VertiCer.


Collective name for biodegradable products, wastes and residues from agriculture. Also includes plant and animal substances, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture and biodegradable (industrial and municipal) waste.

Biomass declaration

Official declaration by a producer that only that biomass declared in advance will be used in the production installation in a given period.

Certificate (GvO)

Also called Guarantee of Origin. Proof that 1 MWh worth of renewable gas, hydrogen, electricity or renewable thermal energy has been produced.

Certificate account

Account of a Merchant in VertiCer's system.


Compressed Natural Gas.


Plant where biomass is fermented resulting in the production of renewable gas.

Energy Chamber

Service responsible for implementing and monitoring compliance with, among other things, the Gas Act, housed as a Chamber within the Netherlands Competition Authority.


The withdrawal of a certificate by VertiCer due to the expiry of a certain time since issue.


A biodegradation reaction of biomass.

Green gas

Renewable gas (biogas) that has been sustainably generated and upgraded to the same quality as natural gas.


Process in which biomass is raised to a high temperature, with or without fossil fuels, to obtain gas.

Inspection body

An organisation designated by VertiCer or by law to investigate the suitability of a production installation for issuing guarantees of origin for renewable energy or renewable gas.


Liquefied Natural Gas.

Local connection

A gas transmission network for which no system operator has been designated, as described in Art. 2 of the Gas Act, with the producer and customer of renewable gas connected to it.

Measurement protocol

The method of measuring energy flows. These measurements must be made to determine the energy value eligible for guarantees of origin.

Measurement officer

Organisational unit recognised as a Metering Responsible Party in accordance with the Metering Conditions for Gas - RNB.


Energy quantity. Mega Watt hour; equivalent to 102.36 m3 of natural gas (n; 35.17 MJ) upper calorific value.

National grid operator

Designated operator of the national gas transmission grid.

NTA 8003

The Dutch Technical Agreement 8003, Classification of biomass for energy application, issued by the Netherlands Standardisation Institute.

NTA 8080

The Dutch Technical Agreement 8080, Sustainability criteria for biomass for energy application, published by the Netherlands Standardisation Institute.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. This department is responsible for, among other things, providing subsidies in the field of sustainability and innovation.


Anyone who maintains a production installation (Source: Decree on stimulation of sustainable energy production).

Renewable gas

Umbrella term for gas generated from renewable resources. This means that the raw materials, from which the gas is created, can be 'renewed' in the foreseeable future. Examples include organic waste, wood chips and manure. In principle, these do not run out, as is the case with fossil fuels. This also means that the CO2 released has recently been extracted from the air. Renewable gas therefore does not produce any additional CO2.


Process by which renewable gas is upgraded to a methane content above 87%. This is necessary for it to be fed into the public grid.

Regional grid operator

Designated operator of a gas transport network other than the national gas transport network (Source: Article 2 Gas Act).


Configuration of the method of production, reprocessing, transport and utilisation listed as an attribute on the Certificate.

Request for determination

Document requesting that the production installation be earmarked as Approved.


The party providing the supply of energy on behalf of a consumer.


Renewable Energy Production Incentives Decree. This is the decree on which the renewable gas subsidy is based.


A party registered with the GBIG authorised to transfer or receive certificates issued by the GBIG.