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VertiCer is the institution in the Netherlands that issues Guarantees of Origin (GvO) and certificate of origin (CvO) for all sustainable energy carriers. A GvO is the only proof that energy has been generated in a sustainable way. A CvO is the only proof that electricity was generated from fossil sources.

Both GvOs and CvOs can be traded. VertiCer is the central point for all matters relating to this certification.


To trade in GvOs, you register as a trader with VertiCer. A producer can appoint a trader himself. You can indicate when you register whether producers can choose you as a trader via this form. Or perhaps you already have contact with a producer yourself.

After you receive MoUs in your trading account, you can then trade them to European energy suppliers or other traders. The GvOs can also be charged off to end users or the NEa for HBEs. This takes place within VertiCer's trading portal.

To create a trading account, you pay an annual fee. In addition, monthly fees are charged for trading actions. The specific fees can be found in Downloads.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the Trading Portal work?

The manual can be found at Downloads.

How do I book Guarantees of Origin and Certificates of Origin?

For electricity and thermal energy GoOs/CoOs: 

As a trader, you debit the deployed certificates from your account and mark these certificates as used. 

You do this via VertiCer's trading portal. The manual for the trading portal can be found under 'Downloads'. 

You are not allowed to actively write off Guarantees of Origin for use in the future. Only when you, as a trader, have accidentally cancelled too many Guarantees of Origin, you may allocate the surplus to a period in the future, but only after consultation with and approval by ACM. In this context, a cancelled Guarantee of Origin may not be allocated to the consumption period beyond the date on which the relevant Guarantee of Origin would have expired and a cancelled Guarantee of Origin may not be transferred to another trader.

I like to deregister my trading account, how can I do that?

You can deregister your trading account by sending an e-mail to our Servicedesk, at [email protected].

In this e-mail, please indicate which Account holder ID your request relates to and the date by which the trading account can be deregistered. 

Please note that the end date can be set to the 1st day of the following month at the earliest.

How much does participation in the GoO and CoO system cost?

Rates can be found here.

Please note!!! Due to the new tariffs 2024, the tariff for the "Creation of GvO Thermal and Electricity" on the invoice has been harmonised with Green Gas and Hydrogen. As a result, the rate for all energy carriers per GvO will be €0.010 in total being €0.005 for creation and €0.005 for transfer to the trader.

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