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For producers

Welcome to VertiCer, the counter for certification of renewable energy carriers.

Are you a producer of electricity, renewable thermal energy, green gas or hydrogen? Or are you planning to become one? If so, you can take care of all your business on this page. We will gladly help you on your way!

What does VertiCer do?

VertiCer is the institution in the Netherlands that issues Guarantees of Origin (GvO) and certificate of origin (CvO) for all sustainable energy carriers. A GvO is the only proof that energy has been generated in a sustainable way.

A CvO is the only proof that electricity was generated from fossil sources. Both GvOs and CvOs can be traded. VertiCer is the central point for all matters relating to this certification.

My installation delivers...

Select the energy carrier your plant supplies for targeted information.

My installation delivers
I own a generating plant of electricity.
My installation delivers
Thermal energy
I own a renewable thermal energy production plant.
My installation delivers
Green gas
I own a green gas production plant.
My installation delivers
I own a green hydrogen production plant.

Frequently asked questions

The details of my production installation have changed. What should I do?

You can only change your trader in MyVertiCer. If your production installation has changed, you must re-register it via MyVertiCer. Choose your role in the menu to go to MyVertiCer.

Which traders are there?

These can be found in the Traders' Overview under 'Downloads'. 

Why should I use a trader? Can't I sell my GoOs myself?

A registered trading account with VertiCer is required to trade MoUs and COOs. You can decide which trader you choose. This does not have to be your energy supplier. We recommend that you contact a trader in advance to record possible agreements about the COOs.

However, selling your own green gas and hydrogen GoOs can be done by the producer.

How can I switch traders?

For electricity, green gas and hydrogen: 

You can make the trader switch yourself in MyVertiCer. Choose your role in the menu bar with the appropriate energy carrier. Through this page you can go to MyVertiCer.

We are there for you.

We are happy to help you. View the most frequently asked questions, or contact our service desk if you have not found the answer.

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