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I would like to register and be able to log in on behalf of a producer or an end user. What do I need?

If you want to act as an intermediary, you will need eHerkenning with at least level EH3 with chain authorisation. For more information or to set up chain authorisation, please contact your eHerkenning broker. 

For chain authorisation, you must at least indicate that you want to be authorised for the My VertiCer login service (this allows you to, among other things, register an installation on behalf of producers or create an end-user account for certificate deductions).

As an intermediary, you cannot use your own Chamber of Commerce number when asked on behalf of which producer you want to log in. This will in fact register the production installation on the Chamber of Commerce number of yourself, as intermediary. Using an eHerkenning chain authorisation, a production facility can be registered on the Chamber of Commerce number of the producer.

The email address entered will be used for all correspondence regarding the installation, such as registration confirmation emails.

You cannot use iDIN as an intermediary. iDIN can only be used by natural persons to provide or log in data and not by companies.

How do I get an eHerkenning EH3+ with chain authorisation?

All information about eRecognition can be found on the eHerkenning website.