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22 maart 2024
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Clarifying billing rates 2024

Clarifying billing rates 2024

The Ministerial Regulation on Guarantees of Origin contains the tariffs 2024 for the creation, cancellation, transfer, import and export of Guarantees of Origin. It also contains the membership fee.

However, it is not clear from the Ministerial Regulation who should pay the tariffs. In consultation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, we have determined that the tariffs 2024 will be paid in basic by the trader. 

Exceptions to this are:
1. the issuance of GO's for green gas: for the time being, the issuance fee will be paid by the producer.
2. the issuance of GO's for thermal energy, where no trader has been designated: the issuance fee is for the time being borne by the producer.

We assume that with this clarification we have removed ambiguities regarding billing.

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